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LAST  UPDATED: June 1st 2023

::Available Puppies :::

We are excited to announce

that We have have some adorable puppies 


3 Fawn Males


 Thank you for your patience with the puppy process. 

I try my best to get back to everyone as soon as I can. 


♥ Thank You,

For all the Love you All have for the Boxer Breed!!


The (AKC = American Kennel Club) 

has Suggested Healthy Distancing for Breeders


Potential New Families


  • Make appointments to see a puppy, and limit the number to 1 or 2 puppies shown, as necessary.
  • Explain that the buyers’ health and safety are as important as the health & well-being of your family, adult dogs, & especially pups.
  • Discuss what the customer should expect during the visit.
  • Ask the client if anyone in their family has had a cold, flu or allergy symptoms or been exposed to, contacted, or overcame COVID.
  • Wash hands often with warm water and soap. Use plenty of hand sanitizer, as well as keeping the proper social distance of at least 6 feet.
  • Consider doing all transactions outside of the home.
  • Keep your At Home Showing to a Limit: ONLY Serious Families that are Ready to Bring home a Puppy Only at this time.
  • If you do paperwork with your customers, try to PreFill the Info Needed.

  • Keep the time spent with The Family to an absolute minimum.
  • If the customer does not take the puppy, immediately bathe the puppy or clean with canine disinfecting wipes.
  • Consider sharing and posting a physical copy of these guidelines for everyone to be Understanding.
The AKC is here to help dog owners adapt to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
Find answers to all your coronavirus concerns, plus at-home activity ideas, training tips, educational resources, and more at our
Coping With Coronavirus COVID-19′ hub.

-WE THANK YOU, For helping us All feel safe as possible.

 Boxers Are....


 The Ultimate Snugglers

Charismatic, Goofy, Devoted, Intelligent and Energetic Companion Dogs.


-To Say the Least


Solid Brindle        {Brindle coat w/ Bold Black Mask}

Flashy Brindle    {Brindle coat w/ white collar & socks

Solid Fawn             {Fawn coat w/ Bold Black Mask}

Flashy Fawn         {Fawn coat w/ white collar & socks}

Seal Black              {Reverse Brindle ~ Looks Jet Black}

Mahogany              {Redish Fawn Coat

White                        {May Have Fawn or Brindle Patches}

=Behind The Scenes=

"Puppy Photo Shoot"

"Some Things Just fill your


With Out Trying". 

Our Boxer Puppies will come to you with:

  • * AKC Registered 
  • *Vet Checked
  • * Up-to-date on their Vaccines and Deworming's
  • * Tails Docked
  • * Dew Claws Removed {In Most Cases}
  • * We Start them on Crate training, through the Night & A couple times for Daytime Naps.
  • * We take them outside to potty after 6 weeks of age

    & they always Catch on very Quickly....     

You can always Call/Text/Email me

for more INFO, Pricing or Pictures of the

Proud Parents! 

 Marisol ( Proud Boxer Momma)

Feel free to contact me at,

Call or Text Me @ 630-542-1430



=We are now Located in 

Bartlett IL=

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