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 I Just Love this!!!

Thank You For Sharing This Unforgettable Family Moments With Us All-

Their Amazing NEW Families

Saar and Dagon all grown up..

Hi Marisol,

I wanted to send a photo of Dagon and Saar...a little over one year old. We purchased them from you December 2008. We love them and they have been wonderful girls for us.


Hello Marisol,

Just wanted to send you some pictures of Cloey and Flare, from the litter that was born in August 2010, now that they have gotten bigger. Flare has really gotten big, I think he's going to be bigger then anyone thought he was going to get but he's a big snuggle bug. Cloey seems to think that she's a full grown dog already & she also acts like it which is so funny. They both have great personalities along with the fact that they are so funny to watch & play with. Both of them are such lovable and love to snuggle with anyone who is willing to have them both lay on them at once. Thank you so much for them, they are so great.

-Michelle & Aaron

       This picture say's it all!!

Ken & Michele.. Started of with 1 but went home with 2..

"Marisol, Thank you so much for loving Boxers and helping to bring Oscar and Henri into the world and into our family. I haven't laughed so much in a long time. Their first night was good. Only woke up twice to potty. They appear to like their new home and already seem pretty well adjusted. Ken and I are glad we took them both together. They definitely are able to seek things out to get into trouble that I didn't even see before they arrived. They keep me on my toes! Thanks again - Your the best!"


Marisol, thought you might enjoy seeing how big the boys are now. They traveled with us to Copper Harbor, Mi a week ago and proved to be great travelers. Everyone loved them and we sure didn't have any trouble finding volunteers to walk them.. Oscar is very sweet and cuddly and Henri is an absolute clown. They both are proving to be good watch dogs and let us know when someone unfamiliar is in our yard. I guess most folks wouldn't let their dogs on the furniture but they are family members and are really well behaved. We have not lost anything to chewing - but then again we've provided lots of toys and a watchful eye.

Thanks again Marisol - We love them!

Take care, Michele and Ken- Oscar & Henri. 

Updates Otis ~ Then & Now

I thought you might like to see some updated photos of Otis. He is getting bigger and bigger each week. At 6 months he weighs 50lbs!! We think he is taking after his dad for sure!! Otis has quite the personality. He is super affectionate and just loves to cuddle. I certainly miss those days when he was teeny tiny....who knows, maybe Otis needs a brother or sister down the road. Thanks again for everything you do. Our pup brings us such joy.


Adam & Angela


~Gianni & Nicky ~

Bentley & Champ & BaBy

Hi Marisol, bentley and champ aka frog lol are doing great .champ is now bigger then Bentley champ is 72 lbs Bentley 65 here are some pic of them thank you do much you have no idea how much they mean to me .

Glad to see your doing another litter you breed the best dogs ! We get so many complements everywhere we go on them . Here they are with our newest member of our family - Gianni



Then & Now

 My Husband got me Lucky as a Surprise Gift for my Birthday.

We love her soooooo much, actualy everybody loves her! She is the best dog ever!

I thought i will send you guys few pic of Lucky THEN and NOW.

Lucky is the sweetest dog in the world, she loves to play, her favorite toy is balloon, she goes crazy when she see one. she loves bubbles (you can see on one pic) and playing with sprinkler and going to the beach. One summer we took her to Mantros Doggie Beach, she absolutely loved it. She loves to be in the car and play with other dogs, she has lots of doggie friends.

In the beginning my husband said that the dog will never be allowed on the couch... you can see on the pic how it really works :)!

The most resent pic is the christmas one (it was on our christmes card)


Addie ~ Then & Now

Here is an updated picture of Addie. I got her from you this past new years eve and she's already grown so big. She's very adventurous and energetic! Hope you are having a good 2010 so far! Best of luck!-Tracy


Chewie's Update

We got chewie from you back in March 2009. We are so happy that he is in our lives. Chewie is an awesome dog we couldn't chose a better dog. He is so smart and funny. I am sending you a picture of him all grown up. I can't believe it's been 5yrs. Well take care and we will for sure get another boxer from you. : )

Thank you again,

Ben and Nicole


Cooper ~ Then & Now

Here is a picture of Cooper with our other two dogs, Zorba (boxer) & Roxy (Yorkie). They are all doing well together. Thank you for Cooper. We love him!


Then & Now ...Updates


Boris ~ Then & Now

Laila ~ Then & Now






--Champ & Tyson--








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